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Invitation to HiFi Tage 2022 in Hamburg

Let us please invite you to the audio show HiFi Tage 2022 which will be held in Hamburg from the 20th of August to the 21st of August in Privathotel Lindtner Hamburg.

We will present there our reference line preamplifier Hyperion P1 and power amplifiers Virtus M1 playing with Borg speakers (Fink Team) as well as new DAC 2.10 with hybrid amplifier AI 2.10 - playing with Epos speakers (Fink Team).


About Canor

We have been developing and manufacturing high-end audio products for almost 25 years. CANOR is a tube specialist, the prototype of our first serially produced TP101 integrated tube amplifier was presented at the exhibition in Brno (Czech Republic) in April 1995.

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