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„It is a unique instrument with excellent resolution and art of building a soundstage, which is difficult to find for the money. Nice and readable display is one of the most beautiful charms of CANOR beauty. The device is manufactured in the EU, such inscription is now a matter of pride.“ “Goethe i Slowacki” audio

“Its strenght lies in its beautiful involving sound. But also the feature to match cartridges in every possible way.
Music Emotions

“Reliability and operational sophistication that puts many solid state power amps to shame. With wonderfully transparency, and none of the exggerated lushness of triode connected EL34 designs, this is an amplifier for lovers of valves, but with a level of robustness, reliability and operational sophistification that puts many solid state power amps to shame. It´s hard to imagine a better introduction to valve amplification.
The commitment-phobic should take note…”
Hi-Fi world review

“There is an enormous amount of space within its soundstage that helped the instrumentalists to relax into their performance.” Hi-Fi world review

“Vocals loomed with warmth and body from a truly black silence.” Hi-Fi news review

“In case you hadn’t worked it out, beyond the charm and appeal that all beautiful systems bring, this one has me scratching my head and looking at what passes for my personal Þ nances wondering if there is any way I can keep this unique sound in my life.” Hi-Fi Choice

“Whatever type of music file you feed this machine, or indeed whichever silver disc you can find in your ‘legacy’ collection, the Canor makes it tonally sweet and smooth in a way that few machines at any price are able to do. Indeed it is one of the ‘nicest’ sounding CD players I’ve heard in a good while, and this seems to come from a combination of excellent basic design allied to that triode valve output stage which gives a significantly richer and silkier sound than you often get from solid-state.” Hi-Fi news

“This is a 21st Century take on how valves sound, with firm edges to the bass.” Hi-Fi world review